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Sydney W.

Allie is a total game changer when it comes to dieticians. In the few short weeks I’ve been working with her, I have already noticed such a positive difference in my life!  From our initial consultation, Allie was diligent and adaptable in creating a plan tailored specifically to my on-the-go lifestyle. Allie is an intent listener and is quick to come up with tangible goals to improve her client’s overall health and wellness. She has an unwavering willingness to help her clients achieve their goals and is extremely insightful with her suggestions, recommendations and ideas. Whether you know what you’re looking for in a dietician specifically or are just looking to improve your overall well being, Allie is flexible, informative and ready to create an individualized plan just for you. Allie creates a non-judgmental atmosphere that is all about learning healthy habits that are sustainable. The Make Life Peachy guide is a valuable resource in helping to form habits that aren’t daunting by any means. By focusing on “food freedom,” Allie encourages her clients to rid themselves of any guilt associated with food choices. I’ve gained new knowledge on how different foods affect our bodies and created goals that are not only achievable but are almost effortless to keep up with long term. With Allie, it’s not about diets or fads, but knowing how to make healthy choices for yourself that can be kept up with. Allie is incredibly motivational and encouraging with her daily check-ins to ensure her clients are staying on track and reaching their goals. Her steadfast commitment to her clients shines through with each follow up to go over progress made and progress yet to be made. She prioritizes accountability and will always be your biggest cheerleader. I have learned so much in the time I’ve worked with Allie and I couldn’t be more appreciative for her availability, constant guidance and dedication to making sure I’m always the best version of myself!

"Allie is a total game changer when it comes to dieticians."

Chelsea S.

I have tried numerous times to be on a diet, restrict myself to foods that are labeled as “bad” and sometimes it worked... only for a bit. I ultimately knew what would happen in the end. I would binge eat all the “bad” foods and feel so guilty/miserable and start my “diet” all over again. It was truly just an unhealthy cycle. I started following Allie’s Make Life Peachy Instagram page shortly after she created it and her posts were intriguing, always talking about Food Freedom. I filled out the questionnaire just wanting to see what it was all about and my life has been so much better since.  I’m truly blown away by the difference two weeks has made. I feel so much better and more confident about my body, I have so much more energy than I did before, my clothes are fitting me better, and I’m eating more balanced meals. Allie provided me with SO many of the right tools and helped me realize that no foods are off the table because FOOD FREEDOM. I’m so grateful to Allie and her constant encouraging texts/follow ups. If you have even thought about it for a second, I encourage you to reach out to her. You won’t regret it!!

"I feel so much better and more confident about my body"

Emily P.

Before I started working with Allie I would constantly overeat because I tried to restrict "bad" foods and then when I ate them I felt guilty starting the cycle over. I had never realized how much I thought about food. Instead of enjoying it, it was controlling me and robbing me of time with family and friends. Since I have been working with Allie, I have felt so free and so much happier. Allie has shown me what my relationship with food can be and it's exciting to feel how freeing it is. This freeness and positivity has carried over into all facets of my life. I feel happier, less stressed, I feel like I have more time, and I feel so much better about my body. She is so positive and easy to talk to. She never makes you feel bad for your choices, just tries to give you information that helps you reach your goals. She is great at helping you change your habits to reach your goals without making you feel like you're doing a lot of work. I know I have a long way to go before this is ingrained in my head but I have made so much progress since working with Allie and I am so thankful that I made the decision to start this journey! I could not recommend her more to anyone!

"I have felt so free and so much happier."

Abbie Y. 

Working with Allie was an incredible experience. She was always so kind and I really felt like I could talk to her about all of my struggles with body image and personal health I had experienced my whole life before working with her. Before working with Allie I had major body image issues, and I really struggled to truly "eat healthy" because I honestly wasn't sure what that meant. I was terrified of carbs and felt so guilty for overeating sweets. I tried all the fad diets, and struggled with my relationship with food my whole life. On top of all of that, I had such negative thoughts about my body. I was constantly comparing myself and telling myself I wasn't small enough to be pretty or liked. Allie helped me make significant changes in both my health habits and in the way I saw myself. I no longer feel guilty for eating carbs, or sugar. I no longer compare myself to every girl I see when I walk in a room. I am happy in my own body and more importantly, I feel healthy (and the people around me have made comments about how happy and healthy I look and feel)! Quit your diet NOW and come work with Allie! She will change your life, I swear by it! She is the best ever!

"Quit your diet NOW and come work with Allie!"

Sophie R.

I had the opportunity to work with MLP back in May/June and it was so fun to work with her! This was my first experience working with a dietician and I had a super positive experience with her. Allie is someone that is easy to talk to and when talking with her it always feels like a safe space to talk about what you’re struggling with and work together to come up with a solution. Her one on one calls were always super helpful to reflect back on the week and see where I could improve but she was also always positive and reinforcing the good things that happened that week. While working with her, I was able to truly be mindful about what I was eating and not feel guilty when I wanted to have something sweet on occasion. Her method 100% works and I always noticed I felt more full for longer durations of time when I specifically added those items into my meals. I would recommend Allie to everyone to kick start their journey into mindful eating because you will truly start to feel better about what you eat, more confident in who you are and you gain a friend in Allie during the process!

"I had a super positive experience with her"

Kathryn G. 

For the past 5 years I put my body through 1200 calorie diets, fasting, and even binge eating for the latter 2 years. After gaining 30 pounds and feeling the lowest I had ever felt about myself, I decided to make my health a priority. When I contacted Allie, I was expecting to count calories or macros because I thought that was the only way to keep track of how much food I was consuming. I was completely blind sided when she told me she could teach me how to love my body, eat all foods without feeling stressed, gain energy, and lose weight as a side effect, all while ditching calorie and macro counting. I trusted the process and worked so hard with Allie these past 3 months and I would not change it for the world. Food no longer controls my life, I control what I eat. I have more energy, my clothes fit much more comfortably, I love my body the way it is and for all it does for me, and I finally feel like I have my life back to enjoy everything I was missing out on. Allie provides so many tools and resources that can be utilized for the rest of your life. She is the best accountability partner you could ask for and is always there to cheer you on or lift you up. I am so blessed to have found Allie and if you have been hesitant about reaching out, just do it! You will not regret it, I know I never will. 

"Food no longer controls my life"

Juli P. 

When I found Allie on IG, I didn't even think twice to reach out and book a consultation with her (Come on it’s FREE) - off the bat she was compassionate and allowed for a safe space to be vulnerable… ALL IN A 30 MIN CONSULTATION. I knew that this was the next step towards a healthier lifestyle both mentally and physically, she didn't promise it was going to be easy but so worth it! I have spent a lot of time and money on diets and programs that NEVER worked or just didn't fit my lifestyle, well let me tell you that WAS NOT the case here. Working with Allie for the past 3 months was like magic! There were changes that I did not even see coming, it happened so organically that when she told me my "Why's" I was dumbfounded that in only 3 months I had made so much progress. Every change that I made was positive, my relationship with food was honestly the most shocking, carbs for breakfast, lunch AND dinner...don't mind if I do. Allowing myself the joy of food without feeling guilty for eating it, amazing. Changing my thoughts around what healthy looks like, giving myself permission to eat, workout or not all without feeling guilty...I mean I could go on for days!! Allie is God sent and I honestly have enjoyed working with her, she has the right idea of a sustainable lifestyle and how a nutritionist should help you achieve these goals. If you are reading this, my answer is YES! I recommend you work with her because I know I can't wait until I do again. She is worth it, it was worth it!

"Working with Allie for the past 3 months was like magic!"

Brooke H.

Working with Allie has been truly life changing! I have been dieting my whole life and was looking to live my life to the fullest. Allie gave me the confidence to trust myself with my food choices. I now have more self love and compassion for my body and all that it provides for me. I believe this is such a long lasting solution to enjoying food. I would highly recommend working with Allie!

"Working with Allie has been truly life changing!"

Kerna A.

Working with Allie was one of the best investments I have ever made in my life. When I started working with Allie, my goal was to truly learn how to build healthy sustainable habits. I achieved that goal and feel so much more confident in my food choices. While I am happy that I’ve gained the knowledge and ability to maintain sustainable habits, I got so much more than that from my time with Allie. Allie helped me realize that my worth is not determined by the size of my body—that alone was worth it. The time I spent working with Allie has not only changed my life, but has positively impacted my loved ones as well.

"feel so much more confident in my food choices."

Talia T.

Prior to my experience with Allie, my life was consumed with how I looked, how many calories I ingested, and how much I weighed. To be completely honest, I went in thinking I was a lost cause and that there would be no way for me to reframe my way of thinking. Instead, in a matter of 3 months, I was able to reframe 26 years of misinformation and negative self talk. The work is hard and unlearning so many ideas from our current culture isn’t easy but Allie has transformed my life. I now walk around the Earth thinking about how I can be a better human and not about how I’m going to fit into the high school jeans in the back of my closet (which I have now donated hehe). You will lose nothing betting on yourself and Allie will 100% get you on the path to where you want to be.

"You will lose nothing betting on yourself and Allie will 100% get you on the path to where you want to be."

Zoleka V. 

This was the best thing I could've done for my health. Allie is so sweet, caring, and encouraging; and she would never judge you for any disordered eating you've done in the past. Her course has made positive changes to my eating habits, food fears, and exercise routines. I'm no longer scared of carbs, I don't over exercise, and I will never do a crash diet again! She helped me find food freedom. I've already started recommending her to some of my friends. Compared to other diet programs, this one focuses more on your mental health, and helps you build a strong and trusting relationship with yourself.

"This was the best thing I could've done for my health."

Michelle S.

Simply put, working with Allie changed my life. She not only dug deep with me to figure out where my relationship with food had gone wrong but also acted as a body image therapist. For the first time in a long time, I feel in control in the best way. Food is no longer something that makes me anxious. I truly look back at my time with Allie as a pivotal change in my thought process about food and myself. I've tried other diets and programs in the past and none even come close to what Allie helped me achieve. I will continue on with the mindset that Allie helped me find and could not recommend her services more to anyone who has ever thought about improving their relationship with food and their body.

"Food is no longer something that makes me anxious."

Elissa L.

Working with Allie has been great for my physical and mental health. I'm a mom of small children and initially enrolled in this program to "get back" to the way I was pre-kids. What I've learned over the past 12 weeks is that my goal of being a certain number on the scale was not benefiting me. I am more than this number and my health is certainly more complex than one number. Now, I'm focused on eating and exercising to benefit rather than punish myself. I'm excited to continue working with Allie.

"Working with Allie has been great for my physical and mental health."

Lauren C.

Working with Allie was hands down the best investment I have ever made for myself! When I think back to the anxiety-ridden, confused girl who was always stressed about food and body image, I immediately remember how grateful I am to have worked with Allie! Allie is a true expert in her field and the most kind, compassionate partner you could ask for to take this journey with. Going through this program not only healed my relationship with food but also gave me a new perspective on life! I highly recommend Allie to anyone struggling with body image, confidence, or disordered eating. You won’t regret it!

"healed my relationship with food but also gave me a new perspective on life!"

Maegan G. 

Becoming a client of Allie’s was one of the best things to happen to me! At first, I was hesitant because obviously change is hard even when you know it’s best for you. Before starting my journey with Allie, I was constantly on the yo-yo dieting train and had been for about half of my life. I wanted a better life for myself and a better future for my daughter! The investment is 100000% worth it! Allie gives you realistic, attainable goals to work towards each week. I never felt overwhelmed with what we were working towards together! Allie is so friendly and personable. We talked about so much more than food and exercise and truly became friends in the process! I live my life so much more freely now and don’t worry about food constantly. I have been able to enjoy social gatherings, hanging out with friends, holidays, and meals with my family so much more than I used to. I haven’t had the thought of “oh this is my cheat meal for the week and I have to get back on track tomorrow.” Working out hasn’t been as stressful for me either since Allie made me realize working out is supposed to be ENJOYED, not dreaded and used as a punishment or means to lose weight. Life is about SO MUCH MORE than dieting and trying to lose weight. If you’ve been considering starting your intuitive eating journey with Allie, don’t hesitate anymore! It will absolutely change your life!

"The investment is 100000% worth it!"

Maria D. 

Working with Allie has absolutely changed my life. Before this program, I could not skip one day of exercising, eat food that wasn’t prepared by myself, I was checking every ingredient and thinking about every calorie, and now I enjoy a dessert (or multiple) every day and am the healthiest I can be. I feel like I have my life back on track and I’m able to make memories and enjoy it again. Allie is so genuine and wants to see you leave her program the best you can be with the healthiest relationship with food, exercise and your body! I would absolutely recommend working with Allie to anyone and everyone! It was worth absolutely every single penny and She has taught me so much about food, the body and what health actually means!

"I would absolutely recommend working with Allie to anyone and everyone"

Maria F.

For the last 40+ years I have struggled with food issues. Honestly, I was miserable. The struggle is real when I say; I thought starving myself was a way to lose weight, forbidding foods would make my life easier and convincing myself I was not hungry at mealtime. Unfortunately, these actions took me down a dark and lonely road of binge eating, excessive exercising and the constant thought of food. I knew this vicious cycle needed to end but I was lost in a sea of misinformed doctor recommendations and the media telling me how to proceed with my health. Then one lucky day I stumbled upon Allie’s Instagram page and I knew at that moment things were going to change. Allie graciously took me under her wings, and I surrendered to listen to her and my body. The thought that I could change my mindset about food and listen to my body cues was foreign to me, but I knew I couldn’t move forward, I hit a dead end and I needed a way out. Allie taught me how to eat without guilt and shame. Her constant “Why Not,” rings in my ears as the question remains… Why not eat a cookie? Foods are no longer taboo when grocery shopping. The dreaded chip aisle is now strolled upon understanding that I can eat a chip, relish it, and stop when I’m full (YES, THIS IS TRUE!). Binge eating is no longer a friend at the end of the day but a habit that has been dismissed. I sleep soundly and my energy has changed dramatically. I am finally living my truth and I’m happy. I highly recommend Allie to anyone out there who is feeling stuck and is tired of the game of skinny vs. fat. Get off the merry-go-round… you’re not going anywhere. Reach out to Allie. Trust me, your life will be peachy and then some. 

"I am finally living my truth and I’m happy."

Matilda S. 

My outlook towards my body, fitness, and food has completely changed. I've spent almost all of my life obsessing over eating perfectly, and working out non-stop. This led me to binging as well as constant stress over food. These habits were making me feel unhappy, unhealthy, and fully out of control. After just a few weeks with Allie, I have noticed changes that have so greatly improved my quality of life. I learned that I do not need to live in a constant state of anxiety to be healthy. I have become so much more in tune with my body, no longer binge eating, or feeling guilt with food. I have discovered what my true needs are, and what I need to do to feel great. Best of all, I feel amazing in my body, and it's not because of the number on the scale. I want to send every single woman I know to Allie, because she is one of the few people who is approaching nutrition the right way. I am so thankful to her as she has guided me to a new and improved lifestyle full of health and happiness!!

"I have become so much more in tune with my body"

Audrey V.

EVERY DOLLAR = WORTH IT. The affirmations, support, positivity, comfort and truth throughout the past three months of working together is the ONLY reason I am where I am today when it comes to my relationship with food. Looking back at old journal entries and weekly reports truly opened my eyes to see the growth that happened. I don’t think about food constantly, I don’t plan my next meal as I am eating one, I don’t count calories, I don’t beat myself up for eating what I used to consider “bad foods”, I don’t skip meals to make up for “bad meals”, I don’t force double workouts to try and lose weight. I could seriously continue... I love Allie and love her approach! I am so thankful to have been referred to her during my darkest moments in my eating disorder. I cannot say enough how thankful I am to have the relationship with food that I have today! GOOD RELATIONSHIP WITH FOOD = ALLIE

"I love Allie and love her approach!"

Libby H.

I have always wanted my relationship with food to be grounded in a desire to better love my body, and not by disappointment in it, and Allie was the perfect dietitian to help me heal toward that. After a literal lifetime of feeling like my weight was a limit to my happiness, Allie, a breath of fresh air, empowered me to free myself of that fear. She instilled in me the confidence that I can be happy today, as I am. She taught me that I can trust my body, and that being a good steward of my health does not need to mean rejecting cravings, shrinking my body, or ignoring my hunger. Allie empowered me through education and empathy to begin freeing myself of guilt around food. Through the principles of food freedom and intuitive eating, I've learned that the best way to feel in control of my relationship with food is to honor my hunger. I developed the confidence to trust my body because Allie taught me to pair the nutrition knowledge she gave me with non-judgemental self awareness. After years of feeling like an outlier, Allie taught me that I'm in fact, just an individual, and furthermore, that my individuality is worth celebrating. She respected my history, honored my feelings, and helped me set and achieve personalized goals. Allie provided relief from the broad strokes and cookie cutter rules of diet culture, and the freedom and knowledge necessary to take care of my body because I love it, not because I need to change it.

"Allie empowered me through education and empathy"


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