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Allie is a dietitian dedicated to showing women how they can make healthy eating easy and become confident in their skin so they can stop dieting and start living.

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Make Life Peachy is based in San Antonio, Texas and has joyfully and virtually served women from all over the world since 2020.

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Monday - Friday
8:00 AM - 5:00 PM CST
Free calls are available by appointment


A registered dietitian’s guidance on your health and nutrition can benefit nearly everyone. This is for you if you dream of the day where you can feel confident in your skin and no longer stress about healthy eating. If you need accountability and guidance on your health journey, Allie is ready to help. Book a free call with Allie to discuss further if nutrition coaching is right for you.

Investing in yourself and jumping into a nutrition program can be scary. But what is scarier is waking up in one or two years and realizing you’re stuck in the same place. Accountability and support are huge components of my nutrition programs because I genuinely care about you and want you to succeed. You have to believe in yourself and put the work in, but you won’t be doing this alone.

Yes! In fact, I would urge you to join before traveling or trips. These topics are addressed in my coaching programs, therefore you would have guidance on food freedom and nutrition during your travel plans. This may help you enjoy your trips even more, with less bingeing and guilt! Traveling should motivate you to join, not be an excuse to put it off!

Yes! Regarding investment, you have several options for payment. You may choose to pay in full or in installments. Custom payment plans are available as well.

Make Life Peachy programs were designed with women in mind. However, if you are male, non-binary, or do not identify as a woman, and you love our mission and want to join, you are welcome here.

Yes, HSA cards are accepted as a form of payment.

At this time, Make Life Peachy does not accept insurance. However, depending on your insurance provider and plan you may be reimbursed for Allie's services.


Learn my step-by-step process to stop dieting and start living today. In this free 25-page guide, you’ll learn:

• Why diets don’t work & can actually hurt you long term 
• My step-by-step method to finding food freedom 
• Crucial questions you should be asking yourself to reach your health goals 
• How you can find your happy weight effortlessly 

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