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4 step method

ditch diets

Learn why restriction doesn’t actually work long term.


Let go to finally feel in control around food.


Balance your plate to feel good & energized all day.


Move to feel good & find that glowing confidence.

learn about allie’s programs

free mini coaching call:

Schedule a mini coaching call today! This will be a free 20 minute video call to discuss your current eating habits, health journey, and overall goals. I will provide you with my initial recommendations and we can discuss my nutrition programs to see if they are a good fit for you.

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VIP Nutrition Coaching:

Work one on one with me to create lasting changes and a healthy, sustainable lifestyle that works for you. This program is completely individualized to your needs and includes:


• 90 minute initial nutrition consultation
• 45 minute weekly video follow ups
• Ongoing chat support with me, your personal dietitian
• Make Life Peachy nutrition guides, recipes, and tools 
• Weekly goals and assignments for accountability

lovely clients

Working with Allie was an incredible experience. Before working with Allie I had major body image issues, and I really struggled to truly "eat healthy" because I honestly wasn't sure what that meant. I was terrified of carbs and felt so guilty for overeating sweets. I tried all the fad diets, and struggled with my relationship with food my whole life. I was constantly comparing myself and telling myself I wasn't small enough to be pretty or liked. Allie helped me make significant changes in both my health habits and in the way I saw myself. Quit your diet NOW and come work with Allie! She will change your life, I swear by it! She is the best ever!

abbie y.

I have tried numerous times to be on a diet, restrict myself to foods that are labeled as “bad” and sometimes it worked... only for a bit. I ultimately knew what would happen in the end. I would binge eat all the “bad” foods and feel so guilty/miserable and start my “diet” all over again. It was truly just an unhealthy cycle. I feel so much better and more confident about my body, I have so much more energy than I did before, my clothes are fitting me better, and I’m eating more balanced meals. I’m so grateful to Allie and her constant encouraging texts/follow ups. If you have even thought about it for a second, I encourage you to reach out to her. You won’t regret it!! 

chelsea s.

The bootcamp was AMAZING! Allie really does care about her clients whether they be bootcamp clients or 1 on 1. She gives you her all and is ALWAYS available for questions or support. I learned so much from this bootcamp. My mentality around food has completely changed. I no longer focus on calories, macros, good verses bad foods but instead focus on how I feel and how the foods I am eating nourish my body. I loved how a huge takeaway from this bootcamp was body positivity! She really taught me ways to love my body when I did not. 

Alexis M

Working with Allie was amazing! I joined the bootcamp because I wanted to learn how to nourish my body and build a healthy lifelong relationship with food. Allie surpassed everything I imagined! I learned so much from her webinars and calls. Her weekly packets contain so much information that I can refer back to whenever I need! I have never felt better or been so confident about listening to my body’s cues and choosing food to satisfy and nourish it! Thank you Allie!

Tori F

I’m Allie Landry

Your non-diet dietitian. I live for helping women like you become confident in their skin and feel amazing every day. Healthy eating doesn’t have to be restrictive or complicated. I’m here to show you how you can have food freedom so you can show up for life as your best self. Your journey to freedom starts here.

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Nutrition coaching?

What Exactly Is

coaching is...

Forming lifelong healthy habits
Long term goals
Individualized education
A lifestyle based on your goals and needs

coaching is not...

A quick fix
Short-term thinking
A diet or trend
One size fits all
All or nothing mentality

i’m ready to start my journey


Learn my step-by-step process to stop dieting and start living today. In this free 25-page guide, you’ll learn:

• Why diets don’t work & can actually hurt you long term 
• My step-by-step method to finding food freedom 
• Crucial questions you should be asking yourself to reach your health goals 
• How you can find your happy weight effortlessly 

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